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PTA Events

Race Night at Fraserburgh Golf Club Saturday 24th September

Discos – Friday 30th September

Christmas Fair Saturday 12th November

PTA Members (stage they represent)

Caroline Trail (P6) – Chair

Lynne Simpson (P7 and Nursery) – Secretary

Diane Buchan (P2 and P5) – Treasurer

Members:  Brenda Watt (P5), Michelle Mitchell (P2), Pamela Dickie (P4), Emma Hastie (P4), Jackie Masson (P2), Sherri Pirie (Nursery and P3), Kaye Weir (P5 and P6), Susan Murdoch (P3) and Kathleen Buchan (P2), Brenda Tait (P4, P1, Nursery)

PTA Newsletters

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PTA Newsletter – August 2016