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Road Closure Scheme – 18 Month Pilot  – Starting Monday 29th May 2023

Fraserburgh South Park Primary School and Nursery are currently piloting a part time road closure scheme.

The following roads will be closed between 8:15am to 9:15am and 2.30pm to 3.30pm during term time Monday to Friday:

  • 38 – 68 Philorth Avenue (from Provost Milne Drive to Mormond Avenue)
  • St Modans Place

You can find more information here:

Peak time road closures – Aberdeenshire Council

CLICK HERE FOR ADVICE ON HOW TO TRAVEL TO SCHOOL – Fraserburgh South Park: Part Time Road Closure Scheme (aberdeenshire.gov.uk)

Road Closure Scheme Letter May 2023



Nursery and P1 Induction Information August 2024/25


Nursery induction Booklet 24-25

Preparing for Change (Nursery)

Nursery Parent Induction Schedule 2024

Primary 1

P1 Induction Booklet 2024

Getting Ready for Change 2024 (Primary 1)

P1 Parent Induction Schedule 2024-2025


Early Level at South Park School


Curriculum Design and Rationale

Our Curriculum Design (updated November 2022 – please share you comments, queries, suggestions etc)


Digital Technology

Aberdeenshire Council – Acceptable Use of ICT by Pupils and Students

Parents’ Guide to Instagram

Parents’ Guide to Snapchat 

Parents’ Guide to Facebook


Homework Preview Information

Parent Guide for Previews

Learning Preview – Information for Parents (1)


School Improvement Plan 2023-24

Full School Improvement Plan

Parent and Pupil School Improvement Plan 2023-24

Click here to read our school improvement blog which lets you know what we have been working on to improve South Park School. 


Parent Support Leaflets

Click here for information on the various areas below. Each leaflet contains embedded hyperlinks to video clips , websites  and a section with further information and resources.

How to be a positive role model: learn about how powerful adult behaviour is in shaping children and the things you can do to be a positive influence.

What adults can do to support learning: this section is under development and further leaflet will follow.

Relaxation and Mindfulness: understand why these approaches matter and realise how to feel calmer and approach life in a more relaxed manner.

Helping babies  brain to growdiscover the five things which babies need in order to support their brain development and just how social babies are from birth.

Developing Self-regulation: the ability to monitor, control and manage our own behaviour is a strong predictor of academic success.  Find out what you can do to help children with regulating their feelings and behaviours.

Understanding and responding to anger: we all get angry at times, learn more about what lies beneath anger and the strategies which are helpful.

Emotion Coaching: discover ways to help children understand their emotions and manage them more effectively.

Helping children develop a positive outlook:  find out what leads to happiness, help develop positive mindset and an ability to bounce back (resilience).

Thinking Skills: learn about different thinking skills, discover helpful questions to ask children, and what you can do to encourage them to develop stronger cognition.

Sleep: understand why sleep matters, what helps to develop healthy sleep habits and the things to avoid.

Growth Mindset: how we view our own intelligence shapes our learning and success, see how to foster a growth mindset and help children to flourish.

Loss/Bereavement: resources and links available within COVID-19 section of website please click here.

 Children’s Brain – This section is under development and further leaflets will follow


Please find links below to relevant information:

School Term Dates


School Meals


Each child should have received their cashless catering account letter.  Please set this up as soon as possible.  Any remaining tickets can be returned to school and credited to your account.  A guide is below on how to set up your account.

How to set up your cashless catering account

Please contact the school if you have any queries or require some help.


School Closures

School Closure Information

Please click on the link below to find out if we are closed due to adverse weather.  We will also update Facebook and the phone line 0870 054 4999 (School Pin 021780) to inform you of any changes.

Child Protection Information

If you ever have any concerns about a child or their wellbeing please report it immediately to the school.  If it is outwith school hours please contact the

Fraserburgh & Surrounding Area Children and Families Team

Duty or Team Manager 14 Saltoun Square


AB43 9DA

Tel. 01467 537111

Easy Fundraising

We are signed up for easy fundraising. You can raise money for the pupils of South Park School by simply shopping using the link below:



Online Safety Guidance for Parents

Parents’ Guide to Instagram

Parents’ Guide to Snapchat 

Parents’ Guide to Facebook

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