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Skene School Staff 2011-2012

Teaching Staff

Miss Margaret Wood ——————————————————Head Teacher,P13 teacher

Mrs Caroline Nicol ———————————————————P4-7 (Job Share)

Mrs Claire Simpson ——————————————————-P4-7 (Job Share)

Miss Esther Andrew ——————————————————-Head Teacher Relief P1-3

Visiting Specialists

Mrs J Cooper ————————————————————— Art

Ms A Robertson ————————————————————Music

Ms F Adair  ——————————————————————Drama

Ms B Legge —————————————————————–P.E.

Support for Learners

Miss L Craig

Pupil Support Worker

Mrs M Smillie

Instrumental Tuition

Ms Z. Davidson ———————————————————-Violin

Non-Teaching Staff

Mrs J Minshull ———————————————————– School Administrator

Mrs A Powell ————————————————————- Receptionist/Clerical

Mrs R Milne ————————————————————— Classroom Assistant

Ms L Stewart ————————————————————- Cook

Mr T Wilson ————————————————————– School Crossing Patroller

Mr A Gray —————————————————————- Janitor

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