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Fraserburgh South Park School is an open-plan school and Nursery located in the fishing town of Fraserburgh. The original building has three main teaching blocks, an administration/dining area and a gym hall. An extension was built in 1989 which added another four main teaching areas.

Our school aims reflect the National Priorities and  A Curriculum for Excellence

  • To provide a safe and welcoming atmosphere for pupils and parents where each child is encouraged to take pride in themselves, the school and the local and wider community.
  •  To value and support all pupils and ensure their access to a curriculum appropriate to their needs.
  • To enable all pupils to become successful learners and realise their potential by motivating them to achieve the highest possible standards in both Personal and Social Development and educational attainment.
  • To enable all pupils to become confident individuals by:
  1. Creating effective learning and teaching experiences.
  2. Encouraging pupils to learn and think independently in a stimulating and motivating environment.
  3. Promoting and engaging in a healthy and active lifestyle. 
  •  In partnership with parents and the wider community, promote responsible citizenship by encouraging pupils to develop respect for self and others: to develop informed views of different beliefs in our multicultural society.
  • To enable all pupils to become effective contributors by encouraging an enterprising attitude, self reliance, creativity and ambition which are necessary for future success in a changing world.